Simple Pool Maintenance Tips for the Spring and Summer

swimming poolMaintaining a pool can seem like a daunting task. It can also be a time-consuming task. However, there are a number of simple things that you can do to maintain your pool yourself if you do not want to hire a pool service. Below is a list of ways that you can maintain your pool:

Remove Debris From Your Pool Every Few Days

One of the best things that you can do to keep your pool clean is to remove debris every few days. Debris that is floating will eventually sink. Once it sinks, it will be a lot harder to remove. You will need to use a skimmer, which is a long-handled net, to remove bugs, leaves and other unwanted items from the pool.

Vacuum Your Pool Weekly

It is important to vacuum your pool at least once a week. Vacuuming your pool once a week will not only help keep it clean, but it will also reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to use in your pool. Make sure that you check the filter after you finish vacuuming. Clean it if necessary.

Visually Inspect Your Pool

You should visually inspect your pool on a daily basis. Take note of the clarity of the pool. You should also look out for contaminants in the water.

Test The PH

You will need to check the PH at least once a week. If the pool has a vinyl or tile finish, then the PH should be between 7.4 and 7.7. The PH range should be between 7.4 and 7.6 if the pool has a fiberglass finish. Additionally, the PH should range from 7.4 to 7.6 if you have a gunite swimming pool.

You will need to add PH increaser to your pool if the PH is too low. If the PH of your pool has dropped, then this is a sign that the alkalinity has dropped also. You should not adjust the PH of your pool more than once a week.

Clean The Pool Filter

There are several types of pool filters. However, they all require periodic cleaning. Make sure that you only clean as often as recommended. Cleaning the pool filter too often can actually make the filtration process more difficult.

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Understanding Your Credit Reporting Rights

copy of credit reportThe process of correcting the wrongs in your credit reports can be tedious, lengthy and expensive, especially if it is not handled well. However, it is important to know that everything a credit repair clinic does to rectify your credit problems; you can do yourself at less of no cost. If you choose to use a credit repair company, it is important to know a federal law that prohibits credit repair companies from taking your money until they have provided all the services agreed. This means consumers have to sign a written consent or contract stating all the underlying services as well as terms of payment with the credit repair clinic.

It is also important to acknowledge that by law, you are entitled a free copy of your credit report once a year from any of the three nationwide credit reporting agencies; TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. You can submit your request for a copy on the website Consumers also have the right to dispute any outdated order or mistake appearing on the credit report at no cost. If a company takes any adverse action against you; for example, by denying you employment, insurance or credit as a result of information appearing on your credit report. You also have the right to receive a free copy of your credit report.

How to improve and maintain your credit scores

There are many ways of repairing a bad credit. The most critical aspects contributing to the rise or fall of credit scores include; history of payment, length of credit history, amounts owed and new and type of credit applied. Payment history is the greatest determinant of one’s credit score, since it is weighted at 35%. To rectify the problem of poor payment history; you need to pay your bills on time, stay current even when you miss your payments and payoff your collection accounts to remove them from your credit report. The length of credit history is very critical when it comes to credit scores. The best way to manage your credit history is to avoid opening too many accounts too quickly.

The balance of how much you owe your creditors or lenders can also greatly impact your credit scores. However, the process of managing and cleaning your payment history requires discipline and understanding. To overcome this challenge; pay-off your outstanding debts, keep low balances on your credit cards, have few credit cards and avoid the temptation of using a credit card to improve your credit scores in the short-term. When you are applying for a new line of credit or choosing a type of credit to use, always consider the following protection strategies. First, work to reestablish your credit history, if there are any preceding problems and request to have your credit report send directly from the credit reporting agency. If you have credit cards, make sure you mange them correctly and do not apply for a new account if you do not need it.


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Why You Should Consider Gold in Your IRA

An individual retirement account (IRA) provides individuals with the ability to select amongst a wide variety of investment types in a way that allows precious metalsthem to truly diversify their retirement assets. IRAs differ significantly from 401k or 403b plans in the number of options available to them for investment and in the ability to avoid many of the fees that are inherit in mutual funds and other investment vehicles common in those plans.

Avoiding Alpha

While IRAs offer investors with the ability to diversify their investments, more often than not investors tend to only invest in a limited number of different investment types such as bonds or common stocks. This defeats the purpose of diversification and does not approach the investment concept of alpha. When investing, the concept of alpha is best described in an example. A portfolio that approaches alpha is a diversified portfolio that is immune to market risk. In other words an investment account that approaches alpha would maintain a steady balance upon a market crash by some investments increasing in value while others decrease, leaving your portfolio unaffected. Many investors do not reduce market risk by choosing truly diversified asset classes. In other words, when an investment decreases in your portfolio, all of your assets decrease in concert with one another.

Achieving Diversification

A lack of investment diversification is most evident when a market crashes. Up until a crash, some investments may go up as others go down as industry groups rise or fall in favor with investors. During a market crash, all equities and bonds often drop in accordance with one another and the diversification obtained by owning mutual funds and a varied portfolio of stocks does not add diversification to your portfolio. One investment type is not strongly correlated to other asset groups and provides for true diversification. That investment group is gold.

Benefits of Investing in Gold in Your IRA

Gold does not typically trade in concert with other assets as it is an alternative to paper currencies and due to the limited supply of gold available to traders. Since there is a limited supply of gold but an infinite supply of paper currencies, gold tends to increase in value during inflationary times and provides for the long term protection against inflation. Further, gold is inversely correlated with equities and often increases when stocks decrease and vice versa. This provides your portfolio with true diversification. The inflationary and diversification benefits are particularly important in an retirement account such as an IRA which typically has many years to mature and may be subject to inflationary risks due to the long duration that the IRA will be in existence. Further, gold investments in your IRA provide for true diversification and, with the long term power of inflation, will often limit your losses during market crashes and aide your recovery once you rebalance your portfolio after a crash.


Due to these benefits, gold makes for an excellent investment option for your IRA. While many professionals recommend 5-10% of your portfolio should be in gold, it is important to decide on your own portfolio components by deciding if there are any current opportunities in gold based upon pricing, and allocate your IRA accordingly.


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Which Type of Psychic Is Right For You?

When you think about a psychic, you might think about someone who tells you what will happen in the future. While this is one thing a psychic does, it’s not the only kind of psychic that you will find.

Working With The Senses

The most common type of psychic works with the senses. In order to tell you what you are feeling, she might touch your hands, your hair or an object that you have recently held. She will often look for an energy field on an item that you have touched or a field that surrounds you. This energy is a color. Each color means something different in relation to the senses. This kind of psychic often hears things that you might not hear, such as a scream or message from someone who has passed away.


There are some psychics who are better at dealing with the feelings. She can usually feel what you are thinking as well as how you are feeling about certain issues in life. She can tell you if you are sad or angry at something and why you might have these feelings. These psychics are sometimes called empaths because they relate to you through empathy. This person can sometimes get overwhelmed by the feelings of others more than how she feels.


Some people have to use tools in order to gain perspective. This might include a pen and paper or a special piece of jewelry. When paper is used, the psychic usually doesn’t know what is being written until after the message has been transcribed. This is often seen when someone who has died wants to get a message across to someone else. Some psychics can use rods or a pendulum to find things that might be lost. Tarot cards and runes are also used with these psychics. They get their energy from the item used instead of talking to you or touching you.

Basic Instinct

If you have ever heard of a sixth sense, then you have probably been dealing with a clairvoyant psychic who has visions or thoughts about what might happen. They might see something in the mind instead of touching an object. Some of these psychics get feelings of things that are about to take place. You may have had these kinds of feelings before. It is sometimes called deja vu. This is when you feel like you have already had an experience and you know what is going to happen based on what you have envisioned before.

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Compensation Culture: People Submitting PPI Cases With No PPI

There have been a large amount of people in Britain submitting cases for ppi reclaims when they have had no compensation due and no miss sold policy.

This surprising occurrence is thought to be the product of the sheer amount of people out there who are looking for compensation for some kind of “wrong doing” that actually in many cases hasn’t taken place in the first place.

One of the foremost ppi claims company “ppi claims 4 you” encourages people to submit their case, even if they only suspect they have had payment protection insurance attached to a financial arrangement, however, this is for good reason.

There are a great many people in the United Kingdom who have been miss sold this insurance product, but don’t even know it, and these people could be due some compensation for their miss-selling experiences.

Submitting cases with no ppi attached to them is no real issue, the company will just check the policies, find out there is no payment protection and then inform the customer.  This is no big deal for the companies out there that handle 1000s of complaints per month, so don’t be shy about submitting your reclaim, even if you don’t think you have ppi.

Many people are wrong about what they “do” and “don’t” have on their financial arrangements, so bear this in mind when making a judgement call as to whether or not you should submit your case.

Today’s “compensation culture” is one where it is dependent on the results of the case.  Therefore, there is little or no financial risk whatsoever in someone making a case online, and there is no punishment for submitting a claim that is not valid.

See this article about “what is a valid claim”? which will tell you more in-depth information about validity criteria and what exactly constitutes a valid case, helpful for people wanting a greater understanding.

Another thing that can help the consumers’ chances of winning compensation, is to submit every financial arrangement they suspect they have had insurance on, a “mud at the wall approach” of sorts.  You never know, you might have a lot of different valid cases from which multiple claims pay out for you which means potentially a lot of compensation!

Most claims’ that pay out are around the £3,000 mark, so you can get a lot of money back for reclaiming, especially if there are multiple cases.

Best of luck.

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Binary Option Brokers That Are Regulated

Regulation of binary options trading platforms is done at the country level. Oversight of regulatory authority in market trading may be shared across several jurisdictions. Binary options trading platforms overseen by the regulatory authorities of Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC), UK Financial Service Authority (FSA), the US Securities and Exchange Commission and US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) constitute the majority of the regulated trading platforms globally.

binary option trading

History of Regulation

Prior to virtual trading exchanges, the binary options market was conducted over-the-counter (OTC) broker direct. No longer considered exotic financial instruments, the binary options trade has expanded since its introduction on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1973. At present, the binary options trade is subject to uneven regulation. Segregation of individual client accounts of their funds must be maintained by the brokerage sites as part of the regulatory stipulations to rules on secure deposit.

CySEC regulation and registration of forex binary options trading is most common in oversight of many of the pioneer exchange platforms at time of initial public offering (IPO). In 2012, the CySEC announced that binary options brokerage companies in operation would come under the rules of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Market Law of 2007-2009. This ensure that EU based brokerages are in adherence with the legislation. Registration by the CySEC requires that binary options brokers file tax returns and submit two-year business plans in compliance with those guidelines.

Granting of licenses to brokers, regulatory authorities ensure that financial capital meets guidelines to listing and operations of binary options platform. At present, approximately 95% of those platforms are not regulated. This is also the case for service provision of integration of real time, price quote and payout software application as system by vendors as part of those platforms.

The ‘4’ Top Regulated Binary Options Trading Platforms

Banc De Binary

Regulated by both the FSA and CySEC, Banc De Binary is a lead web based binary options trading platform offering volume asset options exchange. Banc De Binary lists assets exchanged on the Commodities, Indices, Stock and Forex markets. Expiry date on binary options contracts is scheduled according to client preference. Banc De Binary web applications include user access to One Touch and Options Builder portfolio management features.


The site recognized as a global options trading platform is regulated by a number of European Union countries, including the FSA and CySEC. OptionWeb offers clients a maximum of 85% on winning trade payouts. The site provides traders access to Options Builder, and other Web-based dashboard features such as One Touch and 60 Seconds applications for binary options trade of commodities, currency, indices, and stocks.

IG Markets

Recognized as one of the top professional online trading platforms, IG Markets offers brokers some unique financial products distinct from other markets under the regulatory authority of the FSA.


The North American Derivatives and Exchange is regulated by the CFTC.  NADEX is a clearinghouse and exchange for trading of commodity and stock contracts.

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